Long Curve V line Surgery

NANA’s doctors can help you get a naturally slim, feminine face
by making personal assessments of your bone structure, muscle, and fat thickness.
NANA’s doctors can help you get a naturally slim, feminine face by making personal assessments of your bone structure, muscle, and fat thickness.
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  • What is
    Long Curve V-line at NANA?

  • Square Jaw Surgery

    During a Long Curve V line surgery at NANA, 
    not only is the square jaw shaved off, a specially 
    designed surgical saw is used to cause mininum 
    damage to the nerves. Our doctors smoothly shave 
    the bone from the chin line through this surgery 
    without getting a stair-shaped chin or jawline.
  • How to know
    if you have a square jaw

  • Results based on harmonization of facial features

    Your lower face and jaw area looks wide and your chin looks short. 
    Overall shape of your face looks very wide and spread out. 
                      Your chin makes a U line instead of a V. 
    Your jawline looks straight instead of having a slight upward tilt. 
    Your lower jaw makes a 90-degree angle from the side. 
    Your face looks very wide when you’re chewing food. 
    Wide, square jaw makes you look masculine.  

Cases where Long Curve V lineIs recommended

Nana Plastic Surgery requires all patients
to get a medical analysis to see which
combination of methods must be used
to make a slim, oval-shaped face line.

01 Your jaw is square-shaped
when viewed from the front.
02 You have a stubby chin, making it hard to tell where your jawline is.
03 Your lower jaw draws a sharp angle
below the ears.
04 You have a very prominent jawline
05 You want to reduce the size of your large facial bone

Advantages of
Long Curve V line


No stair-shaped chin

Specially designed surgical saw is used
to smoothly remove the pointed part of the
square jaw as well as the front part of the lower jaw.


Balanced features
from the front and side

Not only does the chin look slimmer
from the front, but it will look softer
and proportionate from all sides.


Efficient size reduction

Removing too much doesn’t equal
better results. It’s important to
remove just the right amount for
maximal results.

Long Curve V line Surgery Overview


Approx. 2 hours


General anesthesia



Surgical drain





7 days


7th day post-op

FAQ Answered by NANA Plastic Surgery

Could my cheek skin sag
after facial contouring?

The most concerning symptom patients have after facial
contouring surgeries is sagging skin. However, it is not a
symptom that affects everyone. It may occur because the bone
structure has changed after the surgery, but some people 
experience sagging skin due to aging without having a
facial contouring surgery. Therefore, it’s important to make 
an accurate diagnosis of each patient’s skin elasticity and 
muscle condition before the surgery to figure out which
method of surgery is best suited for the patient to minimize
the possibility of sagging.

Recovery treatments
after surgery

Recovery treatments
after surgery

Post-op recovery treatments are just as
important as the surgery itself.
NANA provides thorough and effective treatment solution
for our patients after facial contouring surgeries.

  • 01

    Facial steamer is used to remove dead skin. Soothing, cooling facial mask is applied, and the wound is dressed.

  • 02

    Deswelling facial mask and vitamin skin
    treatments are used to promote blood circulation

  • 03

    Deswelling injection and anti-inflammatory injections for deswelling

  • 04

    RF Laser and Heal-Lite treatments to speed up recovery

  • 05

    Deep cleansing skincare to remove dirt and dead skin piled on the surface of the skin after the surgery

  • 06

    Lymphatic massages for skin lifting and tightening

NANA Plastic Surgery’s Professional and Organized Surgery System

NANA Plastic Surgery’s Professional and Organized
Surgery System

Accurate analysis based on 3D – CT

By making a precise analysis with a 3D – CT before surgery,
we make an individual assessment on hard to see areas such as
facial bone structure, shape, muscles, soft tissue distribution, 
location of the nerves, etc. Then, based on this assessment,
our doctor designs the patient’s results.

Pre-op health examination

At NANA, safer surgery is expected due to cutting edge medical 
equipment system that is used to perform a health exam before surgery. 
Fifty different items, approved by the government, are checked during
the body exam. The results are analyzed by our doctor to make 
a final diagnosis.

Cooperative surgery with a well-trained, certified specialist

All surgeries are performed cooperatively with an expert doctor
who specializes in the according category. Hence, safety and 
satisfactory results are guaranteed at NANA Hospital. 
Our facial contouring surgeons who have years of clinical 
experience will be responsible for patient safety and satisfaction.

In-house anesthesiologist

Our doctors and nurses monitor patients’ condition with
cutting edge monitoring system. In-house anesthesiologists
assume full charge of patients individually and check on the
patients throughout the whole surgery process.

Recovery treatments after facial contouring surgeries

For most satisfying results, NANA Plastic Surgery provides 
all patients with total post-op recovery treatments. 
Deswelling treatments and other post-op recovery treatments are
available for faster recovery and faster deswelling. 

NANA Plastic Surgery’s Facial Contouring Recovery Guideline Video

See how our doctors provide thorough diagnosis and personalized design to achieve the best look for each patient in the video below!

See how our doctors provide thorough diagnosis and personalized design 
to achieve the best look for each patient in the video below!

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